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     Thursday, April 28 @7:00 PM OR  Saturday, April 30 at 11:00

     Training for those who wish to be a Eucharistic minister at Mass...and for those wishing to bring the Eucharist on Sunday mornings to Nursing & Assisted living homes in Fairport.  

    If you missed these trainings,
    please email the Coordinator Laura Ziccarelli at lauraziccarelli@yahoo.com

    MONDAY 12pm; TUESDAY 10:30am; WEDNESDAY 7pm...contact Barbara for more details at 248-5993 x 12

     Rev. Michael C. Hogan Council of the Knight of Columbus sponsor
    A Parish Holy Hour for Men and their Families
    4th Thursday of each month

     All men of the parish and their families are welcomed to join us for this special prayer opportunity centered on adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with reflection on a variety of issues concerning men and their unique position in the family

  • Don't forget to update us!

    Has your PHONE #, EMAIL, or FAMILY SIZE changed recently?

    E mail: www.fstjohno@dor.org or call the office at 248-5993 with your UPDATED INFO whenever you change from a landline to cell phone... or switch email accounts...or if any adult family member no longer resides with you. Help us keep our database current! Thank you!


    Stewardship focuses on three areas of a Christian's life: Time, Talent, Treasure... 
    and asks how these gifts of God are being lived out in light of the Biblical Principles of Stewardship.
    Have you considered using these ways to support St. John of Rochester?

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