Sacrament of Initiation

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Baptism Retreat scheduled for Friday March 19, 2021 7-9 pm in the gathering Room 

The Sacrament of Baptism will begin with the Priest or Deacon saying to the child, "This Christian Community welcomes you with great joy. In its name, I claim you for Christ, Our Savior, by the Sign of the Cross." That prayer tells why Baptism is celebrated during a Mass. A Catholic Community joyfully welcomes the child into God's Spiritual Family, into the local Catholic Church. The Sacrament of Baptism is not merely a "natural" family event, but actually a "supernatural" spiritual family event for the child. Your family's regular worship at Sunday Eucharist is essential for Catholic family life and faith development.

Baptism is the 1st of 7 Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. A person spiritually enters into Christ's Death and Resurrection as seen by water immersion and exchanges their Original Sin for the Divine Life of God entering within them. Baptism creates a person to be a Child of God, Heir of Heaven,  Disciple of Christ and a new member of the Roman Catholic Church. Salvation is never earned by our human effort! Eternal Life is God's Gift to a person who accepts Jesus Christ as their own Savior and the Lord of their life. Since a young child is not yet able to make that decision for Christ, the parents make it for them during a Baptism. But parents must explain and teach the growing child that one day he/she must decide to accept Jesus Christ their own personal Savior and Lord.

Your child's spiritual life is the greatest responsibility God has given to you as parents. Your child's faith will be the direct result of your own relationship with Jesus being shared with your child. You will solemnly promise at your child's Baptism to raise your child in both a Catholic home AND parish. 


As Catholic parents during a Baptism, you will promise to grow spiritually along with your child as you journey on the road to Heaven. Catholic spouses should already be united with God and each other through the Sacrament of Matrimony.  If you were not married in the Catholic Church,  Fr. Peter urges you to contact him or Pastoral Associate Barbara and arrange for your Sacrament of Matrimony to occur within  a simple yet sacred "Convalidation" ceremony.

We join you in happy anticipation of the arrival of your child either through birth or adoption. Parents want to give their children Holy, meaningful gifts. What better Gift can you give your child than being "Born Again" in Baptism!


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