Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation allows our 8th and 9th graders to journey towards self-responsibility of their faith.

Preparation for Confirmation in the Diocese of Rochester is a two-year journey that typically begins in the eighth grade.  The Confirmation Candidate should choose a sponsor that will be a role model in our shared Catholic faith.  The sponsor should be prepared to walk the two-year journey with the candidate. Near the end of the two-year process, the candidate will sit down with a pastoral leader to reflect on the candidates’ self-awareness of their faith, their desire to seek Confirmation, and their commitment to a life-long journey of discipleship.

“The most important influence on the religious and spiritual lives of adolescents is their parents.” (“Soul Searching,” Christian Smith) Parents and Guardians are invited to grow in their adult faith as their children are on this journey.  All adults are invited to attend any sessions of interest.  Five conversation sessions will be offered for candidates with either their sponsor or their parents/guardians, to share faith moments and discuss the important role faith plays in their lives.  As with other Sacraments, it is encouraged that families participate in Mass on a weekly basis.

Confirmation Preparation Program

Confirmation Preparation is part of our Youth Ministry program offered Sunday Nights 6:00-8:00 pm.  Both year 1 & 2 programs require a Youth Ministry Retreat.  The Retreat is designed so that each retreatant gains a greater understanding of their faith and their individual faith needs.

Our program also requires four (5)  separate Faith discussions to take place between the confirmand's sponsor (or parent if the sponsor is unavailable.) 

Registration Fee: $95 for both years (paid in Year 1 only).


Parent & Candidate  Meeting Information

Attached are Links to the PDF Docs that were to be handed out at the meeting. You will find the dates for all of our Youth Ministry events, plus  YR 1 and YR 2 specific information sheets.

Sunday April 11th, 9-11 AM in the Parish Center

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Confirmation Year 1

 Why is it important to choose a Confirmation Name and a Confirmation Sponsor?

​2. Candidate/ Sponsor (if you have chosen one)/Parent Discussion

As the candidate begins their journey towards the sacrament of Confirmation, please take a moment to reflect on the following discussion questions together as Candidate & Sponsor. Take turns sharing your answers for each of the questions below and submit by the due dates listed.

Confirmation Year 2

1. Candidate/ Sponsor (if you have chosen one)/Parent Discussion