School Year Faith Formation

April 2021:

Found in Parent Guide April  Lesson pg. 246 - 283

Lesson 12: The Battle of Prayer

Lesson 13: Prayer and the  Communion of Saints

St Vincent Ferrer.jpg

Saint Of The Month

St. Vincent Ferrer

January 23, 1350 ~ April 5, 1419

Vincent Ferrer was a Valencian Dominican friar and preacher, who gained acclaim as a missionary and a logician. ( A logician is a person, such as a philosopher or a mathematician, whose topic of scholarly study is logic)

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For the Family

Credo Adobado

Pork in Adobo

Cooking with the Saints by Alexandra Greeley & Fernando Flores

St. Vincent came from a well-to-do family in Aragon, Spain.   This recipe is an Aragonian dish with includes the traditional seasoning Adobo, used in the technique Adobabo to preserve meats, specifically pork. There are many versions of the Adobo seasoning, but it is likely the Spainards in Aragon created the original version.

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