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Greeters WELCOME to all parishioners and visitors to our Church building a warm and inviting Christ-like community spirit.   Greeters are at Mass each weekend or special liturgical events.


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Altar Servers: This ministry is for all ages (Gr. 4 and older). Families can serve together as a team.

Duties include: Serve once a month at a weekend Mass time (your choice...schedules and training are provided)




in the Mass


A Lector stands at the Ambo to clearly & loudly proclaim the Word of God at Mass and at other Liturgical services. A Lector will also read the weekly Announcements and offer the General Intercessions.

Two different communion ministries 1) weekend mass -distribute the Eucharist  2) Assisted Living/Nursing Home: Bring the Eucharist to Catholic residents  on several Sundays a month after the 9am Mass.


Ushers treat all parishioners as our brothers and sisters in Christ. With our efforts, we hope to make every Liturgy more meaningful allowing the assembly to connect more closely with Jesus and with one another. 


Plan and implement the decorating of the Church, including the Sanctuary. Help make our worship space inspiring and beautiful! Join the decorating team for each Season.


Altar Server
Altar Servers
Communion Ministers
Art & Environment

Who to Contact

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Robert Layer
Pastoral Associate

Communion Ministers

If you are interested in becoming a Communion Minister , please contact  the Parish Office at 248-5993 and ask for the coordinator Rob Layer.

For specific guidlines 

Lectors ("Ministers of the Word")

If you are interested in becoming a Lector and the training, please contact  the Parish Office at 248-5993 and ask for Rob Layer.

Ushers’ Society

We wear our Name Badges for identification, and we help people find appropriate seating, especially when the Mass is well attended. The offerings of their financial treasures are collected and joined with the rest of the Offertory Gifts at the Mass. At the distribution of the Eucharist, we help direct the assembly as they process forward to their physical joining with Christ. As people exit the Mass, we make sure they have a Bulletin to keep them aware of the events happening at our Parish.  


There are no formal meetings. We meet on an "as-needed" basis. When a need does arise because of changes in the Liturgy, or special events like Confirmation, a Parish Mission, etc., then Ushers are notified via e-mail or by letter. 

Substitute Ushers are always needed. Holidays offer special opportunities to assist, as the Masses become quite crowded with guests from outside the Parish.  
Many of our regular Ushers are also members of other committees and ministry groups. Our example of our how we fulfill our duty will hopefully inspire others to join us or join another ministry at SJR.

If you are interested in being part of the Ushers' Society, please contact  the Parish Office at 248-5993 and ask for the coordinator John Wessely.


If you are interested in helping to organize the Greeter Schedule, or being a Greeter at a Mass, or would just like to try it out, please contact Kate Wahl in the Parish Office at 248-5993.

Art & Environment Team

If you are interested in helping the Art and Environment Team ,

please contact the Parish Office and ask for Jennifer Caruso.

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