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Creating A Safe Environment (CASE)

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Message from the Bishop

You are invited to watch a video message from the Bishop that outlining the main points of his Letter to the Faithful concerning the Child Victims Act, as well as information regarding our Safe Environment and Victim Assistance initiatives.

As part of the Diocese of Rochester’s ongoing Creating a Safe Environment efforts,at the direction of Bishop Matano,  this link is to the many Diosean resources in the Protecting Our Children efforts.

CASE Training for Volunteers

Creating a Safe Environment (CASE) Volunteers (those who work with children, youth, if vulnerable adults), must participate in a renewal of training, under of another Background Check and sign Volunteer Code of Conduct every three (3) years.  Minors volunteering 18yrs old and under only need sign a Code of Conduct sheet every year.


Below are the instructions for volunteer doing on-line CASE training.  Once the training has been completed you must submit the following to the Rel. Ed. Office ( background checks will not be processed without a copy)  in order for the CASE certifications to be complete

Provide:  A copy of your CASE test results and your CASE certificate of completion

A Signed code of Conduct for Volunteers (CODE Of Conduct form sound here)


All adult volunteers working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults need to complete the same training - whether they are new, renewing after 3 years, working with children/youth, of working with vulnerable adults.  In-person training remains an option, and it is the only option for teen volunteers.   

**Training is composed of 8 activities:

  1. Welcome

  2. Meet Sam

  3. It Happened to Me

  4. Exploitation in Elder-Serving Programs

  5. Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers

  6. DOR policies for Volunteers

  7. CASE Volunteer Policy

  8. Volunteer Code of Conduct (you do not need to print unless you want a copy for yourself)

​**Activity 2 through 4 include action plans. These are for your enrichment. You may choose to print them or not. If you open an action plan, simply close it to return to the training.


You must complete all parts 1,5,6,7,8  of the Safe Environment Training for volunteers.  Please do these in order.  Each of the courses ends with quiz questions.  To go to the next course, click the button that says "Return To Activities" in the top left hand corner.  ( You can stop  between courses if you so choose)



please call the DOR  Help Desk at 1-800-844-7177 for assistance.

1. When you have completed all 5 parts, please print your CASE certificate.


2. You will need to provide your parish/school CASE coordinator with the following:

Your Case Certificate

A Copy of Your Driver's License

Your Background Check Release Form

A Signed Code of Conduct Form

CASE Directions:

If you have previously created a CASE account login  skip to STEP 12.

 otherwise follow prompts in Step 1 thru 12.


  1. In the address bar of the web browser, type in the address (Note: This program will not run on Microsoft Edge. Recommend using Google Chrome.)

  2. Click on the “Employee/Volunteer Training” icon on the top right portion of the homepage.

Case 2020 pic 1.jpg

3. You will arrive on the “Employee/Volunteer Training” page.

  • If you have volunteered before, you can hit the login button at the top of the page, and continue at step 12 

  • If this is your first time as a volunteer, Go to the next step (step 4)

Case 2020 pic 2.jpg

4. Click on the “Volunteer Training” icon on the lower left center portion of the page. and continue with the steps below to create your CASE account

Case 2020 pic 3.jpg
volunteer training .png


Click on "Add to Cart" and then click on shopping cart and go to next step

case page2.jpg


Click on "Checkout"

Case 2020 pic 6.jpg

​​​​Step 8

Enter your email address and click "Save" 

case page4.jpg


Enter a password and click "create Account"

If this is your first time, your password must be between 8 and 20 characters.  It must include at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 special symbol (#$^&*@! are acceptable characters)

case page5.jpg


Enter Your Name and the Address of YOUR Parish/School/Ministry.  (eg.St. John  of Rochester/ (Your Ministry)

8 Wickford Way,

Fairport,NY 14450) 

Then select the Add New Address Button

*Remember there will be no cost for this training.

case page7.jpg


Click on Place Order

you do not need to print the receipt since there is no cost for Safe Environment CASE training.




case page8.jpg

​Success you have created your account and are ready to start the Safe Environment training. You may start and stop training at any point, but will need to login with your new account each time you re-enter the Safe Environment Training.



Click Here to Start CASE Training

Choose "Login" in the upper right hand corner to access your courses.

Case 2020 pic 2.jpg


Enter your email address and the password


you will be asked to select your parish/school/ministry .

Click on "Go to Learn" to begin your training.

case page10.jpg


Scroll down to select the English or Spanish version  and click on "Register Now"

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