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Watch our 2018 video to see the fun day with friends while serviing others.

Where we spent our time:

A Successful 2019 Day of Service

  • 130 Participants from age 3 to 86!

  • Countless donations of food and materials needed for the amazing amount of product was brought in by so many, many parishioners.

  • ​204 lunch sandwiches were made for Holy Apostles and other city outlets


  • 176 hygiene bags made for House of Mercy

  • 18 boxes of non-perishable food delivered to food cupboards


  • 9 boxes of books for Hope Hall


  •  196 snack bags made for Ronald McDonald House


  •  Breakfast made for residents of Ronald McDonald House


  • 21 cat blankets made for Lollypop Farm


  • Work done for senior residents at the Jefferson Park Apartments


  • Here at SJR roof drains were cleaned, lights were replaced in the Gathering Room and Ministry Building, shelves were built for the Rel Ed Office, the road drains were cleaned, pew racks were neatened and the annual Christmas Letter was prepared for mailing….and so much more….

​Advent House

Time: 9:00 am till done Volunteers will sort and packages donated baked goods for Advent House’s freezer. A volunteer will then deliver the packages of goodies to Advent House


Fairport Baptist Home Apartments 

Time: 9-12 Volunteers will complete a punch list of odd jobs generated by senior residents. 1030 E. Whitney Rd. Fairport all ages with parent supervision


Jefferson Park Apartments 

Time 9-12 Volunteers will complete a punch list of jobs generated by senior residents. all ages with parental supervision


Fairport Baptist Home Activity

Time: 1:15-3:30 pm Volunteers will assist in transporting residents to the craft room , then help with am activity planned by staff. Kids can help with a parent.


Hope Hall (job to be completed at SJR, then delivered to Hope Hall) 

Time: 9-done Volunteers will work at SJR to sort donations of non-perishable food and children's books, then volunteers will deliver the donations to 1612 Buffalo Rd. Roch NY 14624


Bethany House 

Time 10am-2 pm Place: Bethany House 1111 Joseph Ave. Volunteers will participate in outdoor garden weeding and clean-up. They have a fair amount of garden tools, but you are welcome to bring your own.


Lollypop Farm-at Lollypop Farm 

Time: 9:00 am-1:00 or done. Volunteers will do odd jobs as assigned by Lollypop Farm Staff--could be painting, cleaning, sorting. No direct animal contact. Must be 18 or older.


Lollypop Farm -Cat blankets at SJR 

Time: 9-done volunteers will create animal blankets using donated fleece. We'll also need someone to deliver the finished blankets. All ages.


Ronald McDonald House "Make a Meal" (breakfast) 

Time 7:00am-9:3 333 Westmoreland Dr. Roch. NY 14620 Volunteers will prepare breakfast, serve and clean up. Food to be donated by the parish, but needs to be picked up the day before. Ages 16 and up.


Solstice (formally Maplewood) Senior Sing-a-long 

Time: 1:30- 2:45 Join Amy and Brad as they lead a sing-a long with residents. 55 Ayrault Rd. All ages

Crest Manor Senior Sing-a-long

Time 3-4 Join Amy and Brad as they lead a sing-a-long with senior residents. All ages, 6745 Pittsford Palmyra Rd Fpt.


SJR Odd Jobs 

Time: 9-done. Volunteers will complete any random jobs Fr. Peter and the staff come up with, we never know until that day!! Over 18 please


SJR: Hygiene Kit Making for various agencies 

Time: 9-done Volunteers will sort hygiene items then create bags of toiletries to be delivered to several different organizations. Volunteers may be needed to make the deliveries as well. All ages


Saint's Place-SJR

Time: 9-12 Volunteers will sort and clean up donations at SJR. 16+


Holy Apostles Lunch Making at SJR 

Time: 9-11 Volunteers will create bag lunches to bring to Holy Apostles parish. ages 12+



Holy Apostles Lunch Delivery and Clothing Closet Help

Time: 11 -2 Volunteers will meet at SJR at 11, gather bag lunches, then go up to Holy Apostles. There volunteers will help distribute lunches and help out in clothing closet. 16+


Perinton Food Shelf: 

Time: 10-done Volunteers will paint walls. Ages 16+


Shut-in Visitations 

Time 9-done Volunteers will meet at SJR where they will be given a list of 3-6 shut-ins and plants. Volunteers will visit the shut-ins, give them the plant and just visit a little to brighten their day. 16 +


Reminder Calls 

Time: the week before Day of Service. Deb will give you a list of people to call. you'll just call folks and remind them of what they volunteered for.



Time 9-12 Volunteers will be doing warehouse work, sorting or packing



Seneca Ridge dialysis Food Drive 

Volunteers will sort and package donations for the dialysis center's annual Christmas food drive


Ronald McDonald House SNACK BAGS

Location-SJR 9-12 Volunteers will make decorate and make snack bags for Ronald McDonald House to give to resident families

  8 Wickford Way
 Fairport, NY 14450

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