ChristLife is a three part program designed to develop our relationship with Chrsit


Discovering Christ

Discovering Christ is the first in a program of three that is designed to encourage discussion of our understanding of Christ and His importance in our daily lives. 

Tuesdays October 2, 2018 through

November 27, 2018

Session Topics

  1. What Is the Meaning of Life? 

  2. Why Does Jesus Matter?

  3. What Does Jesus Want Us To Know?

  4. Why Do We Need a Savior?

  5. Why Is the Resurrection Important?


6. Who Is the Holy Spirit? (morning)

7. The Holy Spirit and You (afternoon)

8. New Life in the Spirit

9. Our Need for the Church

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In preparation for the Discovering Christ Series, participants are invited to visit music selections below that will be played during each Retreat session. Your are invited to familiarize yourselves with the music selected and/or  perhaps consider as part of your song prayer repertoire... OR, just  to familiarize yourself  with the music for a future session.

​ Session Music below

​Session 1:

What is the meaning of life?

Canticle of the Turning

 Here I Am, Lord

​Session 2:

Why Does Jesus Matter?

Blest Be The Lord

  I'm the Bread of Life

​Session 3:

What Does Jesus Want Us To Know?

I Have Loved You

How Deep the Father's Love

​Session 4:

Why Do We Need A Savior?

By Your Touch

Shepherd Me, O God

​Session 5:

Why Is The Resurrection Important?

Now the Green Blade Riseth

Easter Alleluia...Haugen - Music

Easter Alleluia...Haugen - Lyrics

​Session 6:

Retreat​ MORNING Session 

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Send Us Your Spirit

Deep Within 

​Session 7:

Retreat​ AFTERNOON Session 

The Holy Spirit and You

The Summons

The Servant Song


Remembering our Jewish Brethren at Tree of Life Temple 

 El Shaddai, 

A Hebrew title with lyrics that unite the Jewish and Christian traditions

​Session 8:

Why Do We Need A Savior?

Fresh as the Morning - Lyrics

Fresh as the Morning - music

The Wonder of your Work - Sheet music with  Lyrics

8.1The Wonder of Your Work-1.png

​Session 9:

Our Need for the Church?

Christ Be our light

We Are Called

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