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We have so many amazing things happening here at St. John of Rochester.  The best way to get important updates for our parish in a timely and convenient manner is through Flocknote. 

Flocknote lets you choose what information you would like to receive - via email and/or text - from our various ministries and groups.  you don't need to download anything of even create  a password ( unless you are a group administrator, in which case a password helps you get ro your dashboard more quickly. )

You'll also be able to respond to many of the communications directly from the emails you receive adding your comments with other parishioners.  By subscribing, your can expect communications such as reminders for Holy Days & Mass times, invitation to parish events, periodic poll, engaging resources to help you continue in your faith formation , and alerts of schedule cancellations, additions of changes.

When you sign up, you will automatically be subscribed to our parish-wide group to get the important updates form St. John of Rochester  church and the various list of ministries and committees already beginning to use Flocknote in our parish.  We are starting small and are interested in hearing your thoughts and comments, especially about the types of communications that interest you.

Additional Information


Is my contant information kept private?  The short answer is YES.  Only your group administrators will be able to see your contact information.  See the full privacy policy.  The Flocknote subscriber list and your infomation are secure and private.  You will not receive any inbox "Spam" as a resul of subscribingl.  Text STOP to 84576 to stop txt notifications at any time.  Text HELP for help.  There is no charge for this service, but your carrier message and data rates may apply.  View privacy policy and conditions at www.flocknote.com/txt.

For Group Administrators:


How to create a Note

Still have questions or need help with Flocknote?


Flocknote Basics Guide


Visit Flocknote Help

Ask Flocknote's Happiness Engineers for help.

Ask Marcia a question about our parishes' Flocknote network.


If you aren't registered at St. John of Rochester but want to keep up to date with us, Join Our Flock.


Be sure to add mail@flocknote.com to your contact list to make sure our notes to you don't end up in your junk mail folder!

You can easily unsubscribe at any time

Updating Preferences

You can choose whether to receive this and other Flocknotes by email or text, according to your personal preference.  Click the "My Info" link on the bottom of any Flocknote :

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This will take you to Flocknote.  Look for the purple bell.

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Click it to change your notification settings for each group.

  • Blue icons are "on" and grey icons are off. Click to toggle on/off

  • The envelope means you want to get emails from that group.

  • The phone means you want text messages.

  • If both are blue, that means that you are okay with receiving messages in either format, based on what the sender chooses.

  • The speeck bubble is for comment.  Turn it on (blue) if you want to get notified about all comments by other group members.

  • Clicking the 'X' will remove you from that group.

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