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funeral Info
Planning a Funeral Mass
at St. John of Rochester
General Information 

Family and Friends can watch the funeral from home. 

  • There will be 1 meeting with the family for 30-45 minutes with Fr. Peter to plan the Mass and share thoughts for the Homily.  

  • Plan the Mass: Select 4 Hymns, 1 Old Testament text, 1 Responsorial Psalm, 1 New Testament text and 1 Intercessions page.

  • Select participants: 3 Readers, several people to bring Offertory Gifts up to the Altar, and 2 Communion Cup Ministers.

  • (Optional) You may designate 1 person to offer the "Remarks of Remembrance" (i.e Eulogy) for 5 minutes at the beginning of Mass.

Valerie Ggaudin

585-248-5993 ext 13



Funeral Planning Sheet


The Scripture Readings
Old Testament 
New Testament



The Responsorial Psalm: Only the 10 Refrains are shown. You will view the entire Psalms at the planning session.

Intercessions (i.e. Prayers of the Faithful)
Male Intercessions  I

Male Intercessions  II 

Female Intercessions  I

Female Intercessions  II 
General Intercessions III


Liturgical Hymns

Select 4: Processional, Offertory, Communion and Recessional

Funeral Program Template - Amy will create your Funeral Program.  (You may create your own Program if you wish.) Click on the link and the template will download to your computer as a (.doc) file which can be edited.

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