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Welcome to the SJR Garden Club!

If you love to garden and have some free time, the parish Garden Club could use your help. Members of the Garden Club maintain the flower gardens on the parish property. Gardeners work alone, or in pairs, to care for one of the already-established gardens. Tasks include clean-up and mulching in the Spring, and watering and maintaining the garden throughout the season. Everyone in the group works on his/her own schedule.

If you'd like to join us, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please call the Parish Office at 248-5993

New volunteers are always welcome!

 Garden Club Members

Christina Bathgate, Michaele Blanchard,

Fr. Peter Clifford,

Adell Colosi,

Jim Connorton,

Kathy Cullen,

Barbara DeClerck,

Dick Fuller,

Rita-Marie Geary,

Peter and Sue Hermann, Jan Dwyer Hess,

Jurij and Marie Kushner,

Ken O'Brien,

Cindy Page,

Jill and Jeff Parker,

Teresa & Eric Roets,

Penny & Chris Steinebach, Carol and John Wessley, Sheila Witkowski.

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