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Service Is The Sign Of True Love.

Those Who Love, Know How To Serve Others.

~Pope Francis~





Give Any Day OR Many Days This Month To Give Thanks, and Give Back

We can still give to our community during Covid-19,

we just just have to do it safely!

The Goal:

Fill the Service Banner

The idea is to fill the banner with all sorts of evidence of acts of kindness that each of you, our parishioners, has completed for others during this month. 


What type of evidence?  You decide. 

  • Send a picture,

  • Send the thank-you note you may have received,

  • OR just send a simple email to saying what you decided to do to be of service..and we'll do the rest!

Need An Idea?

Here's Some for you


Can my family participate with a group?

 Sure family projects are great, but remember to follow the covid-19 guidelines and social distancing!


Can I just donate something?

We love the generosity in this Parish, but let’s save that for the Sharing Tree

Where will the banner be?

The banner will be located in the Narthex

What if I'm not comfortable coming into the church to fill out my sticky note, but I still want to participate?

No problem, email Deb ( with what was done (with or without a picture) and she’ll make a little sticky note.



What kind of service ideas or  projects are you talking about here? 

They can be Big or small, BUT, this year, we are not setting up the individual projects/tasks like we did in the past. Below is a list of places/agencies that we’ve gone to in the past as well as some new suggestions, but it’s up to the individual/family to make all arrangements.

**Because of Covid, each agency has different rules about volunteers, so we are leaving it up to the individuals/families to reach out to various agencies**



Easy Ideas:

  • Visit/Call a shut-in or senior citizen

  • Donate blood

  • Rake leaves for a neighbor/veteran/ elderly

  • Help an elderly neighbor or shut-in with their Christmas decorations

  • Shovel a driveway

  • Help someone with some odd jobs around the house

  • Surprise someone with a treat:  police, nurses, ambulance drivers, etc

  • Pay it forward at Starbucks

  • Organize a neighborhood food drive for one of the food pantries

  • Bring a meal to a stressed family

  • Volunteer to ring the kettle for the Salvation Army

  • Make hygiene bags and donate to any of the homeless shelters or Catholic Family Center

  • Provide a break for a caretaker (respite break)

Watch our video to see how your service can help others.

More Places To Give Back

**Because of Covid, each agency has different rules about volunteers, so we are leaving it up to the individuals /families to reach out to various agencies**

​Fairport Baptist Home Apartments 

Jefferson Park Apartments 

Hope Hall

​​Bethany House

​​​Lollypop Farm

​​​​Solstice (formally Maplewood)

​​Crest Manor

​​​Saint's Place

​​​​Holy Apostles Church

​​​​Perinton Food Shelf

​​Shut-in Visitations 


​Seneca Ridge dialysis

  8 Wickford Way
 Fairport, NY 14450

Parish Office: 585-248-5993, Fax: 585- 387-0517

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