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Parish Trustees

 Each Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Rochester is a separate corporation.
These corporations have responsibility for matters relating to the Parish’s “temporalities” (ie.  the parish's  “earthly” or material goods-things like its income and its assets) and are governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees has legal and fiduciary responsibility for overseeing the management of the financial affairs of the parish.
The Board of Trustees  consists of:

  • President, the Bishop,

  • a Vice President, Vicar General,

  • a Secretary, the Pastor ( Father Peter)

  • and two Lay Trustees who must be active members of the parish.

The SJR Trustees are:
Maureen Mulholland. Maureen is an attorney and serves as General Counsel for Monro Muffler Corporation.
Art McLeod, former owner of Master Craft, a glass decorating company here in Fairport, and current Director of Sales and Operations for United Flooring


The Trustees by office are members of the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council. They meet with the Chruch Pastor  and the Finance Director once a year usually in August for the ‘annual meeting’ of the corporation. At this time, the Parish’s financial results of the year ending June 30 are reviewed, as well as the budget for the coming year. Additionally, projects and issues affecting the Parish are reviewed with the Trustees. While the Trustees specific role is regarding the physical and fiscal assets of the Parish, and their participation is required by law for certain transactions such as purchase or sale of property, they also serve as valued advisers for the pastor and respective Councils

The kinds of things that Parish Trustees deal with are all in some way related to the overall financial affairs of the parish and include things like the annual budget, income and expenses, financial reporting, banking and investment relationships, insurance and risk management matters, capital projects, and any other significant financial matters.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Parish Corporation, its financial affairs, or the activities of the trustees, please feel free to contact Fr. Clifford or one of the Lay Trustees of our parish. 

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