Prayer Chain Ministry unites parishioners by phone and e-mail to pray for the needs of others. These parishioners support others through their prayers.

When advised for a need for prayers, we activate the “chain” both by phone calls and email. Parishioners can call or e-mail Marie to put someone on the prayer chain. Prayers are provided as requested until the situation is resolved.

Committee Head:  Marie Kushner
Phone:585-248-5993  Email:

To submit a prayer request,  email Marie Kushner

Current Prayer Requests

Sisters of Saint Joseph in Pinerolo, Italy, who have been hit hard by Covid-19 and are having difficulty getting medical help in an area  overwhelmed by the disease

diabetic young man who had surgery to remove part of his foot

Beverly who has Alzheimer's and is in hospice with Covid-19

Janet who has temporal lobe swelling and inflammation of the optic nerve, affecting her vision

Angela who is having surgery

Diane who has severe arthritis of the spine and degenerative disc disease which is causing scoliosis

Marian who is having a Covid test before pacemaker surgery

Ben who had surgery

Kathleen who is an intern working on Covid-19 in Boston

David, 16, who has been in multiple foster home and has symptoms of PTSD

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Parish Office: 585 - 248-5993, Fax: 585- 387-0517

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