Prayer Chain Ministry unites parishioners by phone and e-mail to pray for the needs of others. These parishioners support others through their prayers.

When advised for a need for prayers, we activate the “chain” both by phone calls and email. Parishioners can call or e-mail Marie to put someone on the prayer chain. Prayers are provided as requested until the situation is resolved.

Committee Head:  Marie Kushner
Phone:585-248-5993  Email:

To submit a prayer request,  email Marie Kushner

Current Prayer Requests

woman who had heart surgery and now is having surgery for lung cancer

man who is depressed after the loss of his girlfriend

Judy Anne who is having major surgery

Breanna who is having ultrasound for her pregnancy

Hans who has a cancerous tumor on his kidney

Marissa who is having surgery

Ben who had surgery

Don who has diverticulitis

Joyce who has Parkinson's and a bad heart and is near death

Rebecca who has Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Parish Office: 585-248-5993, Fax: 585- 387-0517

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