ChristLife is a three part program designed to develop our relationship with Christ


Sharing  Christ

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​Sharing Christ is the third  program designed to open the possibilities of communicating to others the joy that the Holy Spirit provides in our everyday conversations.

Session Topics

  1. Called to Share Christ

  2. Befriending Others

  3. Sharing Your Story

  4. The Power to Share Christ

  5. Presenting the Good News

  6. Inviting Others to Meet Jesus

  7. Retreat

    • Retreat: Put Out Into the Deep For a Catch

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2019 Dates:

Tuesdays March 19, 26, April 2, 9, 16 30, with the Saturday retreat on May 4, 2019  in the Parish Center

​ Session Music below

In preparation for the Sharing Christ Series, participants are invited to visit music selections below that will be played during each Retreat session. Your are invited to familiarize yourselves with the music selected and/or  perhaps consider as part of your song prayer repertoire... OR, just  to familiarize yourself  with the music for a future session.


​Session 1:

Called To Share Christ

Speak, O Lord

The Mission

​Session 2:

Befriending Others

Open my Eyes

You've Got a Friend

​Session 3:

Sharing Your Story

Though the Mountains May Fall

The Prayer of St. Francis

​Session 4:

The Power to Share Christ

Send Us Your Spirit

Make Us Your Own

christ life make us your own.jpg

​Session 5:

Presenting The Good News

Gather Your People

Create Me a New Heart

​Session 6:

Inviting Others to meet Jesus

Come, Now is the Time to Worship

Open The Eyes of My Heart.

Retreat: Morning Session

Put out into the Deep for a Catch

The Mission

Here I am Lord

How Deep the Father's Love

​Retreat : Afternoon Session

The Wonder of your Work - Sheet music with  Lyrics

8.1The Wonder of Your Work-1.png

By Your Touch

Make Us Your Own

christ life make us your own.jpg