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For fifty-four years now we have wished and expressed peace to one another just after the Lord’s Prayer and before we make the pilgrimage to the altar to receive Holy Communion. Peace Be with You Jesus says to the disciples in today’s gospel. It is perhaps the vital Easter greeting and faith statement. It is of course God’s own peace that is being sent and acknowledged. Peace at the end of a war is enforced by the victor over the defeated. While the cessation of conflict benefits all, it is not the Peace that Jesus extends, nor the Peace we wish to one another.

The Peace of Christ is a healing peace. The Peace of Christ relieves guilt and fear, and the many forces that can cripple our lives. Jesus’ extension of Peace to the disciples, and to each of us is the Peace of heaven. This earth and this life finds us carrying the burden of memory, the weight of unfulfilled, unresolved troubles. The Peace of Christ carries the possibility of healing those troubles.

Jesus seeks out the disciples in that upper room in today’s gospel. His seeking reminds us that we are sought out as well. When in need of this peace, this healing….Jesus comes looking for us. Doors and windows are often closed and locked. This is of no concern, Jesus comes and finds us.

Today we remember in a special way the Divine Mercy of God. Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection are all about God’s Mercy for us. John in his gospel tells us: “I came that you may have life and have it to the full.” Celebrating life to the full is made possible by relieving the weight of guilt and sin. Only when that is forgiven and healing happens are we able to live fully and freely. Divine Mercy Sunday, this Second Sunday of Easter, gives special attention to this core truth of our Catholic faith.

Fr. Matthew will Preach the Divine Mercy Service at St. Louis Church Sunday at 3PM.

Many thanks to all who made both Holy Week and Easter possible here at SJR. We were thrilled to see all who were able to attend through Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter weekend. Our attendance for Easter, combining both Church and Gym, was 977 which is so good.
Many, many thanks to everyone who both out front on the altar, and behind the scenes made it all possible.

Wednesday Bible Study has resumed and all are welcome to join the Zoom call on Wednesday
evenings at 7:30 when we discuss the readings of the coming Sunday.

It will soon be time to nominate, and on Pentecost, select new members for the Pastoral Council. Begin now to give prayerful consideration to being available for this ministry; details on nominations soon.
Have a good week love,

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