Some Things


This weekend we say thank you, God Bless and keep you, to two staff members whose service to our parish is ending. Amy Voll began as a parishioner in 1986 after she and Greg settled their growing family in Fairport. She began as a substitute Music teacher in the school in 1987 and full-time in 1993. Eventually,
Fr. Boyle asked Amy to add leadership of our music program and choir, at first part-time. When our school was closed in June of 2008, I asked Amy to become a full-time member of our parish staff as Pastoral Associate for Worship and Music.

Amy has been with us a very long time! It is often difficult to embrace change. We will miss Amy’s presence leading our choirs, planning our music programs, greeting us at the door, sitting with our families in celebration and tragedy. This is made somewhat more immediate by Amy’s long tenure with our parish. Amy knows us, taught many of our children, met as school teacher and fellow parishioner with parents and families. She is our neighbor, nightly walking the streets of Fairport village, seeing us at the Saturday Market, in stores shopping, at local events, countless places where our paths have crossed with hers.

Amy’s presence has been experienced as a blessing for those of us she has worked with directly, often intensely at times of stress or tragedy. Amy’s presence is a blessing for our parish community. Just seeing her each Sunday is a signal of stability and comfort for us.

For all these and countless more reasons, coming to a day of saying goodbye is just difficult. For all of the above and for so many more reasons, I speak our common gratitude to her for these many, many years of presence and service to St. John of Rochester. I have served six parishes over my now 46 years, a staff member with such a long record of service is rare. Appreciating and enumerating all that one has given over such a span of time is impossible. Each of us knows in our hearts the ways we have been touched by her presence, her skill, her devotion for our parish. I invite you to ponder that as we go through this time of departure and bring those memories and causes for thanksgiving to your prayer for Amy.

Amy will not be leaving us, she remains a parishioner, two of her three children and their families are parishioners and participants in our parish life


Words entirely fail to say fully and clearly how grateful we are and regretful upon coming to such a day. Perhaps the phrase I began using during the Pandemic will have to do....


As I mentioned in this space two weeks ago, today is also the last day for Pam Sikora. Pam came to us four years ago from Bishop Kearney High School, first as Youth Minister, and then Faith  Formation and Youth Ministry. Pam has seen our Faith Formation and Youth Ministry through a time of particular stress
in these Pandemic days. She kept our programs functioning and led a transition that responded to the needs of the times and challenges of these days. Pam has taken a teaching position at McQuaid Jesuit High School, and in this next chapter we wish her every success and satisfaction. And for Pam as well....



I am very grateful to be able to tell you that our search for a successor for Pam’s position has gone far better than I first imagined. We have three applicants, and as of this writing we are in the process of interviewing. I am hopeful that we will be able to make a choice, and perhaps an announcement by mid-
December or so, God willing.

With these changes, and the recent addition of Rob Layer as Pastoral Associate and Val Gaudin as Director of Worship and Music, our staff is largely new and developing as a team. Our parish has been blessed with wonderfully skilled and dedicated staff and continues to be....God be praised!

Safe travel if that is in store for you and yours. Join us if you can for Mass Thanksgiving Day at 9AM. Happy Thanksgiving.
Sign up for Advent Wreath making next Sat...and the Trains return next weekend as well!
Have a good week love

~Fr. Peter