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Last Sunday our Gospel came from Matthew chapter 3 starting at vs 1: “In those days, John the Baptist appeared in the desert preaching…” In the homily I pointed out that Matthew writes this Gospel before Luke. He does not tell us, as Luke will, about Mary
going to visit Elizabeth and the like. However, both Matthew and Luke include today’s Gospel of John sending disciples to ask Jesus, ‘are you the one?’ What a great question, how often have you wondered just what God was up to in your life? That it seems is John’s issue here. He has expected that God would send a savior. He has announced to Israel that a messiah was coming, and coming soon. However, John’s own style seems to be getting in his way. John was an ‘in your face’ kind of guy. Recall last Sunday’s Gospel: “if the tree fails to produce good fruit it will be cut down and thrown in the fire.” You recall that I explained that ‘good fruit’ is understood as living Matthew 25: 31 ff..., clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and so on. Remember again last Sunday that John snapped at the Pharisees and Sadducees who came out to him, ‘you brood of vipers’. So he hears about Jesus and is confused. Jesus is not threatening people, not confronting them rather going out of his way to eat with sinners, healing and teaching anyone who comes to him. So he sends disciples: “Are you the one?”

How often have each one of us found ourselves in the same position wondering just what God is up to, not being able to make head or toe out of what was happening. John and his question to Jesus is a great comfort here. Many before us have not been able to see clearly God’s movement in their lives.

This Third Sunday of Advent finds us in full rush toward the Feast with still lots to do and not enough time to get it done. In the midst of pressure times like these it is often so hard to find God in the midst. More than that however, virtually any day or time can find us wondering and doubting that amidst the darkness and hardships of life God’s presence and action can be very much in doubt. Today’s Gospel reminding us that John and we are in the same boat is very reassuring, at least for me.

Often all we can do is hold on...hold on to our faith and assurance that God is here despite our complete inability to see or perceive His movement in our lives, in our world.
Jesus tells John’s disciples go back and tell John what you see. Perhaps we too need to force ourselves to look around and see.  As I write this, Adell Colosi and Pat Patt finished their inventory of gifts and gift cards for our Sharing Tree families. It is overwhelming what YOU have done. We lacked just a hand full of items that had not come back. What has come back is AMAZING, goodness only knows its total value and that of the food that has been brought as well. This is just one example of God’s movement, not making headlines but clear as day, God’s movement right before our eyes. Hang in there...despite doubt and wonder and ‘where are you questions’ that come up, hang in there, God is moving in our midst!!!

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