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St. John of Rochester "STEPHEN MINISTRY"



Christ is the CUREGIVER...we are His caregivers.

"If we love one another, God lives in us,

and God's love is perfected in us"

1 John 4:12

When You or Someone You Know is Hurting,

contact Stephen Ministry @ 585-248-5993 ext. 16

For More Info Contact:


at 248-5993


What is Stephen Ministry?

A one-to-one (always of the same gender) confidential, prayerful and caring relationship in which one Christian reaches out to another during a time of personal struggle and difficulty.  

A skilled and trustworthy group of trained and commissioned persons who, through prayer, study and service, live out the Gospel message of Jesus to "bear one another's burdens."

A 50 hour spiritual and educational system of Ministry Training named after St. Stephen, the first Deacon in the early Church, who was commissioned by the Apostles to care for the community's needs. Stephen was also the first Christian martyr.


     Who needs a Stephen Minister?


  • people currently or recently hospitalized

  • individuals and families of those facing serious or terminal illness

  • those grieving a death or serious loss

  • those suffering from depression or loneliness

  • the homebound or institutionalized

  • prisoners, ex-offenders and their families

  • those experiencing a job loss or some business or financial crisis

  • those with disabilities and their families

  • people new to the community or those in process of leaving town

  • the separated or divorced and their families

  • couples experiencing infertility, problem pregnancy, birth or adoption

  • persons experiencing family tension

  • those facing a life transition

  • those experiencing a spiritual crisis

  • people simply wanting the support of a Christian friend

  • many others needs!

A Stephen Minister Is...

  • a child of God who walks beside a hurting person

  • a caring Christian friend who knows how to actively listen

  • a person who has received in-depth instruction in how to provide distinctly Christian care

  • a trained lay minister who continues to meet twice a month during his/her time of ministry for the purpose of Continuing Education and Peer Supervision. During these sessions he/she receives wisdom and support from personal sharing of ministry joys and concerns

  • a person who is committed to the fundamental rule that "all transactions, observations, impressions and record-keeping pertaining to the Care Receiver are and always must remain confidential."


A Stephen Minister is NOT...

  • a counselor or therapist

  • a problem solver

  • a casual visitor

  • a personal friend

What does Stephen Ministry mean for you?

 *That an active member of St. John of Rochester Church, who has received 50 hours of in-depth training about the many ways to emotionally and spiritually help another person, is available to you in your difficult times.

 *That through the caring relationship of a Stephen Minister, you will come to more fully experience the personal love, care and concern of Jesus, just for you.

 *That you can encourage a family member, friend or neighbor to bring themselves into the compassionate care and prayerful support of a Stephen Minister.

Who Benefits from Stephen Ministry?


  • The Community:

    • Our community maintains a lasting lay commitment to caring.

    • Our community, as a whole, grows in warmth and love. Caring is contagious!

  • The Care Receivers:

    • People receiving the caring and support experience an increased ability to deal with their own lives and a new sense of wholeness.

  • The Care Givers:

    • Stephen Ministers experience great personal growth and enrichment within their own lives.

                          How does the Referral Process work?

  • The Referrals Coordinator (i.e. Barbara) learns about a person's need for care from the person, Pastor or a friend (with the person's permission).

  • The Referrals Coordinator meets with the person to discuss the main reasons prompting their desire for a Stephen Minister.

  • If agreement is reached, the person in need of care signs "Agreement For Care" form.

  • The Referrals Coordinator assigns a Stephen Minister to contact the Care Receiver.

  • Stephen Minister/Care Receiver meet confidentially on a regular weekly basis one hour.

  • The Stephen Minister continues to provide ongoing, confidential Christian care for as long as it is mutually beneficial.

  • The relationship will officially "close" when both persons agree to it.

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