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Summer Intensive Faith Formation

July 12-18, 2021:

Found in Parent Guide October Lesson pg 14 - 55

Lesson 1: Prayer

Lesson 2: Prayer in Salvation History

Lecture Notes about Prayer for you to help prepare to teach your family.

(The link is a Google Doc that is available to anyone with this link).

For the Family

St. Teresa's Bread

Recipe from Cooking with the Saints by

Alexandra Greeley & Fernando Flores

"This dish makes a tasty breakfast or brunch, especially for children.  It is a first cousin to French toast, but with a flavor and texture all its own  The milk can be prepared the night before cooking."

October saint theresa IMG_4506.png

St Teresa of AviIa

~ Spain~

born 1515, Died 1582

Saint Of The Month

In 1535 St. Teresa joined a Carmelite convent in Avila, Spain, and took the habit.  A year later, illness forced her to return home.  While recovering, she read a life-changing book, Third Spiritual Alphabet by Fr. Francis de Osuna.  The book was about prayers of recollection, and it inspired her to devote herself to prayer and to seeking perfect union with God through contemplation.

Did You Know

There is a Carmalite Convent in Rochester?

Discalced Carmelites of Our Lady and St. Joseph



  • Two (2) lessons /week should be completed.

  • Parents will have two (2) lessons /month which will be emailed and available on this webpage during July - August.  These lessons are informational to help with clarity of lesson objectives for your child(ren).

Other Resources For Parents to Better Understand -  What is Payer?

July 19-25, 2021:

Found in Parent Guide November Lesson pg 56 - 93

Lesson 3: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

Lesson 4: Our Father: The Summary of the Whole Gospel

" Toasting has deeply religious roots...The original "libation" consisted of pouring out the first portion of one's drink to the gods with an invocation...  Every Baptized layman can and should bless food, drink and family."   

Excerpt and Recipes from *Drinking with the Saints

The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour by Michael P. Foley

*recipes can be made with or without alcohol

For the Parents 

We think if appropriate that you toast or prayer for yourselves.  We appreciate the time and effort necessary to teach your child(ren) about God and their faith.

St. Leo the great.png

Saint Of The Month

St. Leo The Great

born Tuscany, Italy

St. Leo, was born in Italy about 400 years after Jesus ascended into Heaven, Leo was ordained a deacon of the Church and elected pope in 440 AD.  as the successor of St. Peter.Leo the Great is also famous for stopping Attila the Hun from attacking the city of Rome.

Leo, Latin for Lion

Quick Resource Links

July 26- August 1, 2021:

Found in Parent Guide December Lesson pg. 94 - 119

Note: This week is only one lesson

Lesson 5: Our Father: The First Three Petitions

Quick Resource Links

For the Family

"At the time St. Francis Xavier became a priest, Portugal was colonizing India.  St. Francis was chosen to go to to the colony of Goa and formally represent the Church there. His duties included tending to the sick and working with the Christian Goans who were unfamiliar with their Faith. St. Francis spent several years in Goa, overseeing the building of at least forty churches."

"India's state of Goa on the subcontinent's west coast features meals based on such staples as coconut, seafood, pork, rice, chilis, and assorted spices. Over the ages, the Hindus, Muslims, and Portuguese Catholic colonists have shaped today's Goan cuisine.  One of the staples of the Goan family table is a chicken curry."

Excepts from Cooking with the Saints by Alexandra Greeley & Fernanco Flores

Chicken Curry

Recipe from Cooking with the Saints by

Alexandra Greeley & Fernando Flores

st. francis xavier.png

Saint Of The Month

St. Francis Xavier is  of the first seven Jesuits who took vows of poverty and chastity. He led an extensive mission into Asia, and was influential in evangelization work, most notably in India.

Known as the "Apostle of the Indies" and "Apostle of Japan", he is considered to be one of the greatest missionaries since Paul the Apostle

St. Francis Xavier

7 April 1506 ~ 3 December 1552

August 2- August 8

Found in Parent Guide January



Reflection (a Google Form available to all with this link)

Aug 2-8/January parent resources

/December Reflection (a Google Form available to all with this link)

July 26 – Aug 1/December parent resources

St.john bosco.png

Saint Of The Month

John Melchior Bosco,

​popularly known as Don Bosco, was an Italian Roman Catholic priest, educator, and writer of the 19th century.

John Melchior Bosco

August 16, 1815 ~ January 31, 1888

Did You Know

There is a Carmalite Convent in Rochester?

Discalced Carmelites of Our Lady and St. Joseph


  • Parent Meeting Notes (provides background information you would have received during a parent session – also a Google Doc available to all with link)

  • Article: Welcoming the Stranger: Dándole la Bienvenida al Forastero: Las Posadas

  • Podcast: Bishop Barron- On Petitionary Prayer

  • Guided Prayer Audio: Christian Striving Is a Gift

  • Article: Silence and Christmas

  • Video: What Child Is This- Christmas Carol

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