Have you ever thought about the elderly and needy in our community and thought you'd like to do more than bring food to the donation room?  If yes, there is a new opportunity for you to consider . . . The Home Repair Ministry. 


It's a simple concept: you and another with skills needed will visit the home of an elderly parish member or that of one who doesn't have the financial ability to hire simple repairs and you'll do them. 

Helping Your Neighbor

Our Mission

To provide free assistance and/or advice to parishioners who need our assistance.  Some of the small jobs we do for people include the replacement of light fixtures, switches and outlets; screens; window glass; door knobs and locks; ceiling tiles; water filters; smoke detector batteries, and much more. 


Our Plan


We will establish a hotline and monitor it. We envision that the members of The Home Repair Ministry members will monitor the hotline calls on a week's commitment rotated among the team members.  More about this when we determine if there are willing hands to help our neighbors.  We are just in the design stages of forming our ministry.

Interested in Finding Out More?

  8 Wickford Way
 Fairport, NY 14450

Parish Office: 585 - 248-5993, Fax: 585- 387-0517
E-mail: fstjohno@dor.org

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