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"I was sick...and you visited Me."
Matthew 25


General Patient Information: FAMILIES SHOULD TELL THE PARISH OFFICE WHEN A LOVED ONE IS HOSPIALIZED. If someone enters a Hospital through the Emergency Room, that name does NOT get sent to the Chaplain's Office.So when we call the Chaplain's Office for SJR patients, we are NOT told that the person has been admitted. 

SJR Visitors are assigned Monday-Friday to bring Holy Communion to our 4 area Hospitals and to offer our prayerful support to our parishioners. Contact Barbara Hesenius 248-5993x12 or Kate Wahl at 248-5993x10 with a parishioner's name... and one of our Visitors will gladly come with compassion, prayer and Holy Communion.   

HOME Visitations: Do you desire to visit the sick and/or homebound by bringing Holy Communion, and the comfort and well-wishes of the St. John of Rochester parish family? Visits can be weekly, semi-monthly or monthly according to mutual agreement by you and the person in need. Visitation materials will be provided to you. 

HOSPITAL Visitations: Do you have the time and desire to visit our SJR parishioners at Strong, Highland, Unity and Rochester General Hospital for one day each week? Becoming a weekly Parish Visitor with Holy Communion to area Hospitals is a vital & rewarding ministry! Training and materials will be provided to you.

To Become a Visitation Minister: 

Contact Fr. Matthew

 at 248-5993 

Thank You!

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