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HSYM Retreats

Are you asking yourself

"Why should I go on Retreat or a Lock-in?"


                        ...And Figure Out YOUR WHY. 

Faith Formation is a Life Long Journey

can and bottle fundraiser

 reasons to take some time for yourself, God and your community of friends at SJR.


You can get away from some busy-ness and stress of life

Everyone is always saying how we have too many meetings and sports commitments and emails and voice mails and texts and chores. It is draining. Take this opportunity to get away from everyday life completely and spend a weekend on retreat filling up what has been drained away. 

This is a great opportunity to just be quiet and listen to God

It is a noisy world. God is always talking to us, but it can be difficult to hear what He is saying. The opportunities for quiet reflection in our day-to-day life are usually filled with music or homework or texting or just about everything else.  By taking a weekend and really focusing your time on God and prayer you are able to more effectively hear God's voice throughout your entire day. 

This is a weekend where you can be around other Catholics

Every time I go on retreat I rediscover what a joy it is to be around a group of Catholics trying to deepen their prayer life and live out their faith. Much of the time in everyday life we don't get opportunities to talk about our prayer life and our faith with others. On the Peer Ministry retreat you will find people who are trying to grow in their relationship with God, JUST like you. Being in a group like this is a great way to fill you up joy that you can carry with you after retreat to keep the motivation to keep your prayer Iife strong. 

Retreats have snacks, games, and fun.

Seriously. Who doesn't want to spend a weekend hanging out with all your buddies, making new friends, playing awesome games. singing, dancing, praying, eating snacks, and just getting to BE yourself! ALSO- this is all taking place at a BEAUTIFUL retreat center with a TON of fun stuff to do. 

Jesus went on Retreats

Jesus spent forty days in the desert fasting and praying. You may only have the time to get away for one or two days, but the example has been set and we need to follow it. 






 REACH 2020

 One Week to Serve Others

Columbia County, NY  

​JULY 12-18

 REACH 2019


reach 2019 pic 1
reach 2019 pic 3
reach 2019 pic 4
reach 2020

On the AGENDA for 2019


Registration Closed

 Camp Stella Maris Retreat

 High School Retreat 

​March 13-15, 2020

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 Watch our video to get a sample of how you too, can serve


 All RETREATS and REACH Mission TRIP are POSTPONED for the year.  We are hopefully planning for next year.

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